A Cappella The Book

Ben Spalding | Brody McDonald | Deke Sharon

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A Cappella The Book

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More than any other person, Deke Sharon is responsible for the current success of pop a cappella. Founder of the House Jacks (the original "rock band without instruments"), Deke continues to influence through his work with The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, and Vocalosity. Combine Deke's expertise with that of directors Ben Spalding and Brody McDonald, add a foreword by Ben Folds, throw in advice from contributors like Peter Hollens, and you have the most comprehensive volume ever created on the subject of contemporary a cappella singing. Sections include: Setting the Stage * Getting the Band Together * Arranging * Preparing * Technology * Making a Name * and more. 404 pages.
ErschienenNov 2015
Autor/enBen Spalding | Brody McDonald | Deke Sharon
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