A World of Christmas Carols

Rebecca Faith

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ISBN-10 0739087797
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Instrument/e: Vocal Part
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A World of Christmas Carols

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In this collection we have gathered fifty Christmas Carols from around the world carefully arranging them for Voice and Piano. Each piano accompaniment is playable by a competent pianist, and there are additional optional harmonies added to the vocal part for choral use if desired. Every country puts its own unique cultural stamp on celebrating the holiday season and this volume can be used to explore those celebrations as part of a wider exploration of the World of Christmas. To this end we have included interesting Christmas related facts, a translation of the text, and both versions where they exist, so each Carol can be easily sung and understood, or compared. Ideal for use in the classroom, or by choirs, and provides wonderful presentational opportunities for themed Christmas concerts.
Autor/enRebecca Faith
Publisher GroupALFGB
Instrument/eVocal Part
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