Accessing Music

By Kimberly McCord, Amy Gruben, and Jesse Rathgeber

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ISBN-10 1470610914
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Accessing Music

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Accessing Music is a revolutionary new book designed to help special education teachers assist students with disabilities to participate in music to achieve their individual, fullest potential. Based on the philosophy of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)---a way of planning, teaching, and assessing instruction that is naturally inclusive of all possible types of learners---Accessing Music explores alternative and creative ways to reach disabled students in the classroom. Classroom-tested, the innovative strategies, examples, and visuals presented have successfully tackled challenging areas, such as notation, fingering charts, holding instruments, assessment, manipulatives, and much more. This fully reproducible book also includes a comprehensive list of valuable, related resources, and the Data Disk CD allows for printing and classroom sharing. Help students get more from the classroom, and spark a lifelong interest in music and music-making with Accessing Music!
ErschienenFeb 2014
Autor/enBy Kimberly McCord, Amy Gruben, and Jesse Rathgeber
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & Data CD
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