Afrika Kyrie na Sanctus

Music by Patsy Ford Simms and Andy Beck

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Erschienen im Februar 2005

Produktformat: Chorausgabe

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Afrika Kyrie na Sanctus

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Perform two traditional mass settings in a whole new way with this exciting original which means "African Kyrie and Sanctus." Your singers will be inspired by the tribal rhythms and sonorous harmonies, and your audience (or adjudicators) impressed by the juxtaposition of Latin, English, and Swahili texts in both contrasting movements. Accentuate the multicultural flavor by adding the SoundPax drum ensemble, or using the SoundTrax CD. SoundPax includes parts for African Percussion Ensemble, bass.
Autor/enMusic by Patsy Ford Simms and Andy Beck
Komponist/enAndy Beck | Patsy Ford Simms
ProduktspracheLatin; Swahili; English
ErschienenFeb 2005