Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms

By Richard Filz

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Erschienen im November 2015

ISBN-10 3933136113
ISBN-13 9783933136114

Instrument/e: Drum
Produktformat: Buch & DVD

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Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms

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Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms is an innovative, comprehensive folio of practice material for anyone interested in discovering his or her own body as a universal rhythm instrument. Contents include basic sounds, warm-ups, grooves in varying styles, six solo pieces from easy to advanced, practice tips, and three exciting ensemble arrangements. The accompanying DVD illustrates techniques, makes reproducible the single path of motions, and includes examples of all exercises, sounds, rhythms, and solo pieces. Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms is the perfect guide for self-study.
ErschienenNov 2015
Autor/enBy Richard Filz
Publisher GroupALFDE
ProduktformatBuch & DVD
Status CodeREL