Claus Hessler's Drumming Kairos

Claus Hessler

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Erschienen im August 2013

ISBN-10 3943638537
ISBN-13 9783943638530

Instrument/e: Drumset
Produktformat: 2 DVDs, PDF Booklet, & Poster

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Claus Hessler's Drumming Kairos

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Playing the drums is a continuous chain of "magic moments." Whenever the moment seems right, there is a perfect time for everything. Being aware of those "sweet spots" is one thing, but being able to take action at exactly the right moment is the common thread that great drummers of all styles share. This dual-language 2-DVD set (with a PDF booklet and poster) will increase your awareness of the sweet spot and give you the tools to bring your musical imagination into the real world. (Languages: English/German). More than 5 hours video material. NTSC version!
ErschienenAug 2013
Autor/enClaus Hessler
Publisher GroupALFDE
Produktformat2 DVDs, PDF Booklet, & Poster
Status CodeREL
ProduktspracheEnglish; German