Ants in My Pants

By Sally K. Albrecht

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Artikelnummer 00-47174
Erschienen im Mai 2018

ISBN-10 1470640562
ISBN-13 9781470640569

Instrument/e: Chor
Produktformat: Buch

Ants in My Pants

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So creative, so kinesthetic, so cute! It's simply a blast to sing this baker's dozen of unison animal songs designed for primary-aged singers. Each of the whimsical, kid-inspired tunes tips the hat to a favorite creature and their inherent actions. Helpful movement suggestions offer specific staging ideas, as well as clever classroom activities to encourage participation. Giggles are guaranteed as your littlest musicians "Wiggle Like a Worm," "Swim Like an Otter," spin their very own spider web, and more. Perfect for in-class exploration and onstage entertainment! Recommended for grades Pre-K--3. Enhanced CD includes full performance and accompaniment recordings, plus reproducible student pages.
ErschienenMai 2018
Autor/enBy Sally K. Albrecht
Publisher GroupALFRED
SchwierigkeitsgradGrades Pre-K--3
Status CodeREL