"Autumn" from The Four Seasons

By Antonio Vivaldi / arr. Richard Meyer

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Artikelnummer 00-24962S
Erschienen im Mai 2006

Instrument/e: Streichorchester
Produktformat: Partitur

Reihe: Highland/Etling String Orchestra

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"Autumn" from The Four Seasons

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One of the earliest examples of tone painting, Vivaldi's Four Seasons has become a staple of the orchestral repertoire. This energetic movement from "Autumn" depicts a hunt on a crisp fall morning and is full of learning opportunities for your young orchestra including: terraced dynamics, hooked bowings and dotted rhythms. The original violin solo has been simplified and distributed to two solo violins with solo cello accompaniment. Full and mature-sounding, yet very playable by less-experienced students. This title is available in SmartMusic.
ErschienenMai 2006
Autor/enBy Antonio Vivaldi / arr. Richard Meyer
ReiheHighland/Etling String Orchestra
GenreMasterwork Arrangement
Publisher GroupALFRED
InstrumentenfamilieOrchester & Kapelle
Status CodeS/I