Acoustic Masterclass Series: Doug Smith -- Contemporary Instrumental Guitar

By Doug Smith

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Artikelnummer 21-906842
Erschienen im Dezember 2003

ISBN-10 0757917224
ISBN-13 9780757917226

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: DVD

Reihe: Acoustic Masterclass

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Acoustic Masterclass Series: Doug Smith -- Contemporary Instrumental Guitar

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Each DVD offers six songs performed and taught by a master of the acoustic style. In a special lesson section, key aspects and techniques required for each arrangement are presented. The viewer can select from multiple camera angles, including the full performance or just the left or right hand in close-up. In addition, an artist biography and discography plus several bonus song performances are included in each DVD. Doug Smith, winner of the 2006 Fingerstyle Championship at Winfield Festival, guides you through this high-quality DVD, a must-have if you're a fan of solo guitar. Doug's various influences come together to produce some of the most striking and beautiful solo guitar arrangements ever heard. With a background in classical guitar and composition, and a rock band honored by Musician magazine as the finest in the country, Doug Smith brings diverse influences to his contemporary instrumentals.
ErschienenDez 2003
Autor/enBy Doug Smith
ReiheAcoustic Masterclass
Publisher GroupWARNER
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