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Reihe: Finale Music Notation Software

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Finale® 2014 Competitive Trade Up

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Own Sibelius or another music notation product? Now you can own Finale too, for the price of an upgrade. Finale is the world standard. Beyond its unique ability to realize any music you can imagine, today's Finale is also easy to use and offers many exclusive features, including SmartMusic support, free tech support, and more. Finale offers: * More note entry options---Play a MIDI keyboard, use a mouse and computer keyboard, scan existing music, or import a variety of file types. * More sounds---With 400+ Garritan instruments and Human Playback, your music becomes a life-like performance. * Powerful features---Enjoy Linked Parts, Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing, Video Support, TempoTap, and many other innovative features. * Help Resources---Enjoy free support, video tutorials, and the industry's best Help resources. And only Finale can create SmartMusic accompaniments.
ErschienenNov 2013
ReiheFinale Music Notation Software
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeREL