Yuletide Fanfare

Music by Dave and Jean Perry

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Artikelnummer 00-23400
Erschienen im März 2005

Instrument/e: Chor
Produktformat: CD

Reihe: Alfred Choral Designs

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Yuletide Fanfare

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Renaissance drums and tambourine beat a festive cadence, joined first by a merry flute, second by the open fifth "Noel" chants of the men, and finally by a 3-part women's jovial call. Process down the aisles at your winter concert or Yuletide feast with the performers reaching their positions by the time the opposing themes fit together or at the full Picardy conclusion. Piano supports the divisi voice parts, adding embellishments between phrases, but never distracting from the early music quality.
ErschienenMärz 2005
Autor/enMusic by Dave and Jean Perry
ReiheAlfred Choral Designs
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeREL