'Cross the Wide Missouri

Music by Don Besig and Nancy Price

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Artikelnummer 4753
Erschienen im April 1992

ISBN-10 3808100458

Instrument/e: Chor
Produktformat: Chorausgabe

Reihe: Alfred Archive Edition: Alfred Choral Designs

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'Cross the Wide Missouri

What a wonderful pairing of two best-loved folk songs: Shenandoah and The Water is Wide. The fluid vocal lines will develop your choir's tone and control. Add the flowing piano accompaniment and the optional flute obbligato, and the result is a choral masterpiece from Don Besig and Nancy Price.
Autor/enMusic by Don Besig and Nancy Price
GenreFolk; Secular
Arrangement3-Part Mixed
InstrumentenfamilieOpt. Flute
Publisher GroupALFGB
ErschienenApr 1992
ReiheAlfred Archive Edition: Alfred Choral Designs
Status CodeARC