All-Star Sports Pak

Arr. Mike Story

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Erschienen im Februar 1995

ISBN-10 0769268218
ISBN-13 9780769268217

Instrument/e: Dirigent
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All-Star Sports Pak

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A collection of short arrangements written for marching band and/or pep band (note synthesizer, electric bass and drumset parts) geared for any event at which short, rhythmic and dynamic arrangements are used. Easy and full-sounding mini-charts all arranged by Mike Story are printed in a convenient lyre-size book. Contents: Sweet Georgia Brown * Tequila * Wipe Out * Ghostbusters * I Get Around * Fun, Fun, Fun * The Lion Sleeps Tonight * Jeopardy Theme * Smoke on the Water * Proud Mary * Peter Gunn * Old Time Rock & Roll * Mighty Morphin Power Rangers * The Magnificent Seven * Batman Theme * Sing, Sing, Sing * Cheer Pax * The Star Spangled Banner.
ErschienenFeb 1995
Autor/enArr. Mike Story
Publisher GroupWARNER
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