Geometric Dances

By Roger Cichy

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Artikelnummer 36-M914302
Erschienen im September 2020

ISBN-10 1633611051
ISBN-13 9.78163E+12

Instrument/e: Concert Band
Produktformat: Partitur & Stimmen

Reihe: LudwigMasters

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Geometric Dances

A fascinating and most creative work!  Starting out in 2/4 meter, an eighth note is added to the meter of each successive movement (2/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8).  The melodies are very musical and dance-like, with touches of the familiar throughout, and some jazz harmonizations for good measure.  This marvelous work turns the math that you hated into the dance music that you love.
ErschienenSep 2024
Autor/enBy Roger Cichy
Publisher GroupKEISER
ProduktformatPartitur & Stimmen
Instrument/eConcert Band
InstrumentenfamilieConcert Band
Status CodeNYP