Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

Traditional English Carol / arr. Michael Story

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Artikelnummer 41216
Erschienen im April 2014

Instrument/e: Großes Orchester
Produktformat: Partitur & Stimmen

Reihe: Belwin Intermediate String/Full Orchestra

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy!

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Reinforce legato, staccato, and ensemble phrasing with this piece while ushering in the joyous holiday season with musical glee. Opening with a clear unison statement and slowly adding textures and harmonic voices, the work develops to a joyous tutti statement that continues to build in intensity to a glorious conclusion. This arrangement is scored for full orchestra; however, it is also completely playable by string orchestra alone, or with any number of added winds or percussion. (2:30) This title is available in SmartMusic.
ErschienenApr 2023
Autor/enTraditional English Carol / arr. Michael Story
ReiheBelwin Intermediate String/Full Orchestra
Publisher GroupALFDE
ProduktformatPartitur & Stimmen
Instrument/eGroßes Orchester
InstrumentenfamilieOrchester & Kapelle
Status CodeARC