Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, K. 339

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Erschienen im Dezember 2021

ISBN-10 1638871175
ISBN-13 9.78164E+12

Instrument/e: Dirigent
Produktformat: Partitur

Reihe: Kalmus Orchestra Library

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Vesperae Solennes de Confessore, K. 339

The final work composed by Mozart for the Salzburg Cathedral, the original title of this sacred choral composition, VESPERAE SOLENNES DE CONFESSORE (Solemn Vespers for a Confessor) did not include "de confessore," which was added later by another hand to Mozart's manuscript, suggesting that the work was intended for vespers held on a specific day of the liturgical calendar of saints ("confessors"), though the saint has never been established.  Structurally, the work is very similar to VESPERAE SOLENNES DE DOMINICA (K.321), that Mozart composed the year prior in 1779.  Movements: 1. Dixit Dominus, 2. Confitebor, 3. Beatus Vir, 4. Laudate Pueri, 5. Laudate Dominum, 6. Magnificat
ErschienenDez 2024
Autor/enBy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ReiheKalmus Orchestra Library
Publisher GroupKEISER
Instrumentenfamilie0.0.0.1: Timp: Org: Str ( Solo SATB.Mix Chor
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