Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update

By Claus Hessler

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Erschienen im September 2017

ISBN-10 3943638197
ISBN-13 9783943638196

Instrument/e: Snare Drum
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update

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In the drumming world Claus Hessler is famous not only as an authority on the Moeller technique, but also as an author of drumming education standards through his international publications Open-Handed Playing Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Daily Drumset Workout, as well as his double DVD Drumming Kairos. In his latest release, Camp Duty Update, Claus focuses on the world of rudiments, including their historical background, the European roots of the art of drumming and its export to the New World, and stylistic interpretation. Featured pieces include excerpts from the Camp & Garrison Duty and rudimental classics in their original form, as well as modern versions using influences from Basel drumming and collapsed rudiments. Additional audio examples and play- alongs serve as extra guidance in understanding the musical dimensions of the topic. Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update offers a completely new and comprehensive approach to rudimental drumming that has not been available before. • Air des Fifres ou Hautbois & Air des Fifres ou Hautbois Roulée • Three Camps & Another Three Camps • Breakfast Call & Another Breakfast Call • Dinner Call & Another Dinner Call • Dusky Night & Another Dusky Night • Slow Scotch & Another Slow Scotch • Downfall of Paris & Another Downfall • Garryowen & Another Garryowen • Dixie & Another Dixie • Yankee Doodle & Another Yankee Doodle • British Grenadiers & Another Grenadier Plus: • An appendix with additional exercises referring to the “Another”-versions, based on quintuplets and collapsed/uncollapsed rudiments. • A comparative view on rudiments taken from different schools/traditions of drumming. • Different prospects on drumset applications.
ErschienenSep 2017
Autor/enBy Claus Hessler
Publisher GroupALFDE
ProduktformatBuch & CD
Instrument/eSnare Drum
Status CodeREL