Ableton Live 8 Course Clips Master

Brian Jackson

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Erschienen im April 2010

ISBN-10 1598639900
ISBN-13 9781598639902

Produktformat: DVD-ROM

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Ableton Live 8 Course Clips Master

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Ableton Live 8 Course Clips Master is a hands-on training DVD-ROM that provides you with a unique way to take your music to the next level with Live. If you’ve been using Live and you want to get more out of your rig, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll cover the major topics as you work through more than five hours of movie tutorials that include not only basic functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples. If you’re a new user and need to get up to speed with Live, use the Introduction topic to take you through set-up, basic definition, and the new features added in Live 8.
ErschienenApr 2010
Autor/enBrian Jackson
Publisher GroupALFRED
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