Ableton Live 9 Power!

By Jon Margulies

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Erschienen im Juni 2013

ISBN-10 1285455401
ISBN-13 9781285455402

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Reihe: Power!

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Ableton Live 9 Power!

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Ableton Live, now in version 9, is the music creation, recording, and performing software that revolutionized the way modern music is made--both in the studio and on stage. Used by hobbyists and professionals around the globe, Ableton Live has played a key creative role in successful productions in every genre. If you're ready to learn this astounding software from top to bottom, Ableton Live 9 Power! is the one-stop resource for you. Live's intuitive interface makes it easy to get started making music, but there are great depths to explore---and you'll be amazed by the powerful, inspiring tools that await you there. Popular producer, teacher, and Ableton Live expert Jon Margulies takes you beyond Live's many features and opens up the music-making process itself. He shows you Live's capabilities in context and provides a wealth of real-world tips and techniques that will deepen your understanding of the software. Open up the power and creativity of your music with Ableton Live and Ableton Live 9 Power!
ErschienenJun 2013
Autor/enBy Jon Margulies
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeS/I