Alfred's Music Scale Teacher: All-In-One Flashcard (White)

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Artikelnummer 99-MST001
Erschienen im Juni 2015

Instrument/e: Klavier
Produktformat: Flash Card

Reihe: All-In-One Flashcard

Alfred's Music Scale Teacher: All-In-One Flashcard (White)

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You will experience dynamite results learning your scales with the Music Scale Teacher. Choose a scale and place the flashcard behind the piano keys, aligning the Tonic Square with any starting note. The note aligned with the Tonic Square identifies the key. Turn the Fingering Dial to the selected key for right and left hand fingerings. Using correct fingerings, begin with the Tonic and play each note that aligns with the scales squares. Practice other scales by moving the Tonic Square to each starting note. The Music Scale Teacher teaches major, natural minor, harmonic minor, and melodic scales, keyboard scale fingering, and basics of transposition. We are excited to share this excellent teaching aid with you!
ErschienenJun 2015
ReiheAll-In-One Flashcard
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatFlash Card
Status CodeREL