Logic Pro 9 Power!

By Kevin Anker and Orren Merton

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Erschienen im Mai 2010

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Logic Pro 9 Power!

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Logic Pro 9 Power! is a complete introduction and desk reference for Logic, covering what you are most likely to run into while using the program, all with simple, thorough, and complete explanations. This book also explores why Logic works the way it does, so you'll not only learn how to record using Logic, but you'll really understand what you are doing so that you'll be fully prepared and successful when you're ready to explore on your own. After learning how to set up Logic, you'll learn about the Transport and the Arrange, how to record and edit audio and MIDI, how to mix down your song, and how to save your song and organize your files. The final chapters provide guidance on the advanced features of Logic, guidance you'll need as you create more complex compositions and build a more involved project studio. There's something here for Logic users of all skill levels---newbies will learn Logic front to back, while seasoned users will gain lots of tips and tricks.
ErschienenMai 2010
Autor/enBy Kevin Anker and Orren Merton
Publisher GroupALFRED
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