The Rough Guide to Nirvana

[Nirvana] By Gillian Gaar

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The Rough Guide to Nirvana

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The Rough Guide to Nirvana uncovers the magic and tragedy of this iconic 90s grunge band. From small-town gigs to the last days of Kurt Cobain, this book delves into the story of the life and afterlife of this extraordinary, short-lived group. This essential guide for Nirvana fans is written by Gillian G. Gaar, a Seattle music journalist who has interviewed many of those involved in the story. No other book explores and documents Nirvana's history; critiques every Nirvana album, single, EP and compilation (including the rare, stray Nirvana tracks and solo projects); and summarizes the array of other Nirvana books and Nirvana films, all in one volume. From Nirvana's early days on the burgeoning Seattle music scene, the birth of grunge, their global success starting with Nevermind, and the untimely death of lead singer Kurt Cobain, The Rough Guide to Nirvana delivers a wealth of musical insight and is the definitive guide to Nirvana.
ErschienenJuli 2009
Autor/en[Nirvana] By Gillian Gaar
ReiheRough Guide
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