The Rough Guide to the Beatles

[The Beatles] By Chris Ingham

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Reihe: Rough Guide

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The Rough Guide to the Beatles

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The Rough Guide to the Beatles covers every aspect of the Fab Four, delving deep into the Beatles music, lyrics, movies and the Beatles solo careers. Features include: From Liverpool clubs to Beatlemania, : incisive reviews of every Beatles and solo album and new Beatle Music from George Martin's son Giles. The Canon: the inside track on the 50 greatest songs. On Screen: the movies, the promos and the TV appearances and new coverage of the Rock Band-style video game of Beatle music. The Fifth Beatle: George Martin, Yoko Ono, Magic Alex and other contenders as well as the resignation and death of Neil Aspinall. Beatleology: the best books, the weirdest covers, the most obsessive websites, the obscurest trivia. For every hardcore Beatle fan and those who are just getting started.
ErschienenJun 2007
Autor/en[The Beatles] By Chris Ingham
ReiheRough Guide
GenrePop; Pop/Rock; Rock
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