Using Reason Onstage: Skill Pack

By G. W. Childs IV

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Artikelnummer 54-1598635638
Erschienen im Mai 2010

ISBN-10 1598635638
ISBN-13 9781598635638

Produktformat: Buch & CD-ROM

Reihe: Skill Pack

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Using Reason Onstage: Skill Pack

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Although many musicians use Reason to create music in their home studios, its instruments and sequencer are also extremely well-suited for live performance. Using Reason Onstage: Skill Pack quickly shows any Reason user, from the novice to the experienced, how to use Reason 4's power for onstage performance. The book starts out by providing valuable key commands that are helpful to know during live performance, and then moves quickly on to controller setups, song layout suggestions, and Combinator 2 tips and tricks that will dramatically improve any musician's onstage performance. In addition to covering basic functions that make live performance easier, this excellent book/CD package also covers advanced concepts that allow the user to walk onstage and compose on the fly! The accompanying CD includes presets and templates that you'll use to learn the concepts in the book.
ErschienenMai 2010
Autor/enBy G. W. Childs IV
ReiheSkill Pack
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD-ROM
Status CodeS/I