Working with Beats in Pro Tools: Skill Pack

By Andrew Hagerman

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Artikelnummer 54-1598633279
Erschienen im September 2010

ISBN-10 1598633279
ISBN-13 9781598633276

Produktformat: Buch & CD-ROM

Reihe: Skill Pack

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Working with Beats in Pro Tools: Skill Pack

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These days, manipulating and editing beats is one of the most important functions of a DAW, and it's one that Pro Tools excels at. Working with Beats in Pro Tools: Skill Pack teaches readers how to use the industry-leading beat manipulation tools Pro Tools software such as Beat Detective, the Beat Inspector, and Sound Replacer. It includes hands-on exercises to take readers from the novice stage to being able to perform advanced beat manipulation and editing. A key part of Working with Beats in Pro Tools: Skill Pack is the CD-ROM included with the book. It's full of sample content and examples that you will use to build a song and, in the process, learn all the beat manipulation tools of this dynamic and flexible software. Unlike other books with companion discs, the source files on every Skill Pack CD-ROM are an essential part of the book's tutorials - they are not there as mere examples, but are the building blocks from which users construct the projects. The result is a fully integrated learning experience.
ErschienenSep 2010
Autor/enBy Andrew Hagerman
ReiheSkill Pack
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD-ROM
Status CodeS/I