A Dickens of a Christmas

By Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse / inst. arr. Steve Herold

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Artikelnummer 00-24025
Erschienen im April 2006

ISBN-10 2402500000

Instrument/e: Chor
Produktformat: Partitur

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A Dickens of a Christmas

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A Dickens of a Christmas is the classic tale of covetous miser Ebenezer Scrooge, brought to life with a powerful score and a Dickensian-style script that is sure to impress. When visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, Scrooge is forced to see the coldness of his own humbug ways, and learns to honor Christmas in his heart. Characters include your favorites like Jacob Marley, Bob Cratchit, Mister and Missus Fezziwig, an inspirational Tiny Tim, and many others---enough for all of your theatrical students. Guaranteed to be a moving 40-minute holiday presentation or program! Recommended for grades four and up. Performance time: approximately 40 minutes. Based on Charles Dickens' classic tale A Christmas Carol. Includes background information on Charles Dickens and various Christmas traditions.
ErschienenApr 2006
Autor/enBy Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse / inst. arr. Steve Herold
ArrangementUnison / 2-Part
Publisher GroupALFRED
SchwierigkeitsgradGrades 4 & up
Status CodeS/I