Composer Songs

Arr. with new words by Sally K. Albrecht

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Erschienen im Juni 2014

ISBN-10 1470614502
ISBN-13 9781470614508

Produktformat: Buch & Enhanced CD

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Composer Songs

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This clever collection features music of the masters with words that teach about their lives. Includes unison arrangements of well-known works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century periods. Equip your music history toolbox with the composer caricatures, kid-friendly biographies, and fun-filled activities. Then create a 25-minute program with the optional rhyming script. Recommended for grades three and up. Enhanced CD includes reproducible PDFs of biographies, activities, and song sheets, as well as accompaniment and performance tracks. Titles: Morley Madrigals * George Frideric Handel * Haydn Wrote a Symphony * Have You Met Mozart? * Ludwig van Beethoven * Hey, Schubert! Say, Schubert? * Chopin Was the Rage * Music by Tchaikovsky * Antonín Leopold Dvorák * John Philip Sousa Wrote It! * Listen, Debussy * Berlin's Band.
• 1. Morley Madrigals
• 10. John Philip Sousa Wrote It!
• 11. Listen, Debussy
• 12. Berlin's Band
• 2. George Frideric Handel
• 3. Haydn Wrote a Symphony
• 4. Have You Met Mozart?
• 5. Ludwig van Beethoven
• 6. Hey, Schubert! Say, Schubert?
• 7. Chopin Was the Rage
• 8. Music by Tchaikovsky
• 9. Antonín Leopold Dvorák Was His Name
• Answer Keys for All Activities
• Bonus Activity
• Composer Songs Narrations
ErschienenJun 2014
Autor/enArr. with new words by Sally K. Albrecht
Arrangeur/eSally K. Albrecht
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & Enhanced CD
SchwierigkeitsgradGrades 3 & up
Status CodeREL