Music Expressions™ Grade 1: Teacher Edition

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Erschienen im August 2003

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Reihe: Music Expressions

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Music Expressions™ Grade 1: Teacher Edition

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Music Expressions™, the general music component of Expressions Music Curriculum™, is a literacy-focused music curriculum that includes a wide range of classroom resources for teachers of grades K-8. Each lesson focuses on a particular set of music standards set forth in the National Standards for Arts Education. It provides elementary school students with the curricular foundation needed for secondary-school music disciplines including band, orchestra, chorus, and jazz ensembles. Its spiral structure builds music skills cumulatively from class to class and year to year. Features include embedded assessments, authentic recordings, and diverse content. The Teacher Curriculum Package includes Teacher Edition Volumes I-IV, Teacher Support Pack, Piano Accompaniment Book, Teacher Song Book, and Teacher Resource Guide. Teacher Edition Each grade level includes four easy-to-carry volumes. Each volume contains age-appropriate, easy-to-follow lesson plans that motivate students. They deliver musical concepts that incorporate the most up-to-date research on how children learn. Every lesson develops critical thinking skills and music vocabulary, and provides cross-curricular connections, assessments, and additional resources for lesson expansion. Teacher Support Pack At every level, the components of the Teacher Support Pack greatly enhance the curriculum and support instruction within the classroom. It includes reproducible worksheets (#1-#13), transparencies (#1-#8), progress record (PR1), 5 fermata cards, 4 rhythm pattern cards (2 sets). Piano Accompaniment For each grade level, the lesson-specific accompaniments for all "perform-along" songs are provided in one user-friendly book. Piano/vocal/chords sheet music for teachers is included, as well as accompaniments for students at each level. Teacher Song Book Lesson-specific accompaniments for all "perform-along" songs are provided in this easy-to-use book. It contains all of the songs in that grade and it cross-references to the teacher edition page where it is shown in the lesson. The songs include melody line and chord symbols for those who wish to play guitar, autoharp, or piano. Teacher Resource Guide (K-2 )The guide contains important teaching information on classroom management, assessment, lesson organization, and more. It also includes strategies for playing instruments, singing, and supporting music education in our schools.
ErschienenAug 2003
ReiheMusic Expressions
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