'Round the Seasons!

By Elizabeth Gilpatrick

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'Round the Seasons!

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Forty new rounds, partner songs, and short songs for every holiday and season. 'Round the Seasons is a delightful resource ideal for developing the beginning part-singing with your young singers. Great for warm-ups, too!
• 'Round the Seasons
• A Birthday Song
• A New Year's Call
• A Sledding Song
• A Turkey Knocked at My Back Door
• Blue, White, and Red
• Boxing Day
• Burn Little Candle
• Care for the Earth
• Cinco de Mayo
• December Winds
• Easter Alleluia
• Feliz Navidad
• Groundhog Day Has Come
• Harambee!
• Hurry Santa
• I Have Lost My Jingle Bell
• I Hear an Owl
• I Met an April Fool
• I Only Fly at Night
• If You Haven't Got a Fiddle
• Keep the Dream Alive
• My Valentine Is You!
• Nine Little Candles
• Old Abe Lincoln
• Old Autumn Wind
• On New Year's Day
• Plant a Tiny Acorn
• School's Out
• Song of the Seasons
• Spring Ahead, Fall Behind
• Thanks We Give
• The First Signs of Spring
• The First Snow
• The Right Man for the Job
• The Very First Day of School
• The Very First Day of School (Reprise)
• Thirty Days Hath September
• We Will Remember
• Welcome to This House
• When Planting Gardens
ErschienenMai 2022
Autor/enBy Elizabeth Gilpatrick
Publisher GroupALFRED
SchwierigkeitsgradGrades K--5
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