'Round We Go!

By Elizabeth Gilpatrick

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Artikelnummer 00-7993
Erschienen im November 1991

ISBN-10 0882844911
ISBN-13 9780882844916

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'Round We Go!

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Don't miss this collection of 40 new original rounds for many occasions---seasonal rounds covering practically every holiday in the school year, as well as many "greeting" rounds, "parting" rounds and just plain fun-to-sing rounds. They range from light to serious, short to long and from two to four or more parts. Each round includes helpful teaching suggestions and activities such as movement and the use of rhythm instruments.
• A Christmas Toast
• A Simple Song
• A Singing School
• A Top o' the Mornin' to You
• An Elephant with a Trunk
• Angels in the Snow
• Autumn's Silent Call
• Blame It All on the Leprechaun
• First Thing in the Morning
• Food Rap
• From an Old World into the New!
• Get Up! Get Out!
• Ghoulies and Ghosties
• Go in Peace and Joy
• Good Morning!
• Good-Bye ' Til Tomorrow
• Halloween Is in the Air
• Harvest Round
• I'd Like to Say
• I'm Happy to Meet You
• It's a Beautiful Day Today
• It's Summer
• Joy for All to Share
• Just We Two
• March Winds
• Must Be a Leprechaun
• Peace Is on the Land
• Say Good-Bye
• Sing Allelu
• Sing Out a Song
• Sticks and Stones
• Stir a Brew
• The Aardvark
• The Groundhog
• The Kings of the Burning Sands
• The North Wind Doth Blow
• The Slithergadee
• To Tell a Tale or Two
• Turkeys United!
• With Firm Resolution
ErschienenNov 1991
Autor/enBy Elizabeth Gilpatrick
Komponist/enElizabeth Gilpatrick
Publisher GroupALFRED
SchwierigkeitsgradGrades K--8
Status CodeREL