Wile E. Coyote's WHAMMO!

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Artikelnummer 00-0574B
Erschienen im März 2001

ISBN-10 0757980287
ISBN-13 9780757980282

Reihe: Artie Almeida's Music Games

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Wile E. Coyote's WHAMMO!

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All games in the Artie Almeida Music Games series were created by Artie Almeida for fun reinforcement and assessment of basic music concepts in general music classes. Games are geared to various elementary grade levels. In these two exciting team games, students review their knowledge of music symbols and rhythm patterns. Each team has a big, inflatable, soft hammer that the players use to tap the correct symbol or rhythm as quickly as possible when the teacher reads the clue. Contents of game (packaged in a 9" x 12" plastic ziplock hanging bag): 2 Giant Inflatable Hammers * 32 Music Symbol Cards (16 8.5" x 11" cards printed front and back) * Directions and Clue Sheet.
ErschienenMärz 2001
ReiheArtie Almeida's Music Games
Publisher GroupWARNER
Status CodeS/I