Fame (SATB pop series)

Music and lyrics by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford / arr. Jeff Funk

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Artikelnummer 00-CHM00027
Erschienen im März 2000

ISBN-10 CHM00027

Instrument/e: Chor
Produktformat: Chorausgabe

Reihe: Alfred Archive Edition: Alfred Pop Series

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Fame (SATB pop series)

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"I'm gonna live forever, light up the sky like a flame." The lyrics alone are inspirational, the arrangement by Jeff Funk even more so. With the new awareness of the Broadway musical by the same name, the music of this successful show has given a second generation the visions of fame. Whether or not your singers become famous, this song is sure to be one of their favorites. Easy to sing and voiced in a range ideal for high school students, this is a great closing piece for any performance.
• Fame (from "Fame")
ErschienenMärz 2000
Autor/enMusic and lyrics by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford / arr. Jeff Funk
Arrangeur/eJeff Funk
Komponist/enDean Pitchford | Michael Gore
ReiheAlfred Archive Edition: Alfred Pop Series
GenreBroadway; Secular
Publisher GroupWARNER
Status CodeREL