Flex-Ability Blues – Saxophone Edition

Thomas Hufschmidt

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ISBN-10 3947998031
ISBN-13 9783947998036

Instrument/e: Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Produktformat: Book (Eb-Part) + Bb-Part Insert

Reihe: Flex-Ability Series

17,95 €

Flex-Ability Blues – Saxophone Edition

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Get the blues by playing in small or large ensembles of woodwinds, brass, strings, or rhythm section!

Play together in harmony with classmates, family, and friends. Use any combination of instruments and any skill level. Everyone can play the blues! As a conductor of school bands or ensembles you‘re always looking for arrangements that can be played by players of different levels and instrument groups. At many times such arrangements don‘t fit to what you require. Alfred‘s Flex-Ability series will fit for you! Arranged for multi-level instrumentalists to play popular music together, this Flex-Ability Blues series will enable you:
• to perform each blues song either as solo, duet, trio, quartet, and/or quintet;
• to bring together players of different levels;
• to choose your individual ensemble of any size;
• to combine any instrument part from any book with any part from the other books.
The Flex-Ability Blues series provides you with seven instrumental books including ten blues songs in five-part score form you can use in such a flexible way. The Saxophone Edition includes the Eb-Parts and an insert including the Bb-Parts:
Top line (solo/melody): Level 2½–3½.
2nd line (duet/harmony): Level 2½–3½.
3rd line (trio/harmony): Level 2–3.
4th line (quartet/harmony): Level 2–3.
bottom line (quintet/bass line): Level 2–3½.
The arrangements are carefully crafted to sound authentic, optional octaves are included to allow for range flexibility. To help you practice, a downloadable PDF Piano accompaniment for all the pieces in this book is available online. This way, you definitely will have the blues!

Autor/enThomas Hufschmidt
ReiheFlex-Ability Series
Publisher GroupALFDE
ProduktformatBook (Eb-Part) + Bb-Part Insert
Instrument/eAlto & Tenor Saxophone
Status CodeREL