Guitar Atlas: Middle East

By Jeff Peretz

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Erschienen im Dezember 2004

ISBN-10 0739035991
ISBN-13 9780739035993

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Book & Online Audio

Reihe: Guitar Atlas

Guitar Atlas: Middle East

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The Guitar Atlas series is your passport to a new world of music. Learn the characteristic rhythms and techniques of some of the world's most remarkable guitar music, and discover the history, origins, and pioneering artists of distinctive styles from around the globe. This introduction to the exotic music of Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Morocco, Nubia, and neighboring regions covers the music's cultural and religious influences and the major artists of each style. Discover unique plucked instruments, the Arabic tone system, and exotic scales. Open your mind to new forms of improvisation that will forever alter your approach to soloing. The examples and compositions throughout all 48 pages are presented in standard notation and TAB and demonstrated on the included recording.
ErschienenDez 2004
Autor/enBy Jeff Peretz
ReiheGuitar Atlas
GenreMulticultural; World
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBook & Online Audio
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