10 Canonic Studies, Op. 12

By George Whitefield Chadwick

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Produktformat: Partitur & Stimmen

Reihe: Master Organ Series

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10 Canonic Studies, Op. 12

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George Whitefield Chadwick (1854-1931) was an American composer. Along with John Knowles Paine, Horatio Parker, Amy Beach, Arthur Foote, and Edward MacDowell, he was among those composers in what is called the Second New England School of American composers of the late 19th century. Chadwick's works are influenced by the Realist movement in the arts, characterized by a down-to-earth depiction of people's lives.  His works included several operas, three symphonies, five string quartets, tone poems, incidental music, songs and choral anthems. Along with a group of other composers collectively known as the Boston Six, Chadwick was one of those responsible for the first significant body of concert music by composers from the United States.  Himself an organist, this prominent American conductor and composer named each of these 10 short studies as a canon, followed by the most notable and relevant interval.  For example, No. 1 is called "Canon in the Octave," while No. 9 is named "Three voiced Canon in the Fifth."
ErschienenSep 2024
Autor/enBy George Whitefield Chadwick
ReiheMaster Organ Series
Publisher GroupKEISER
ProduktformatPartitur & Stimmen
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