12 Etude-Caprices in the Styles of the Great Composers

By Amy Barlowe

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Erschienen im Dezember 2009

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Instrument/e: Violine
Produktformat: Buch

12 Etude-Caprices in the Styles of the Great Composers

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Written by Juilliard trained violinist/composer, Amy Barlowe, 12 Etude-Caprices in the Styles of the Great Composers is a welcome addition to the intermediate solo violin repertoire. Progressive and chronologically ordered, these innovative etudes are invaluable both as study pieces and short, unaccompanied concert works for competitions or recital programs. Detailed Practice Guides follow each etude featuring methods for the development of technical and musical tools that will promote individual expression within the appropriate historical context. Such aspects as sounding points, varied vibrato, and techniques for improving intonation are derived from each etude to increase facility, musicianship, and stylistic awareness. Used as a supplement, this fully illustrated and thoroughly engaging collection of original etudes provides a fresh and unique approach to the age-old tradition of technical study. Preparation for the major works of the great composers has never been more fun!
ErschienenDez 2009
Autor/enBy Amy Barlowe
Komponist/enAmy Barlowe
GenreMasterwork Arrangement
Publisher GroupALFRED
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