7-String Guitar

By Tobias Hurwitz and Glenn Riley

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Erschienen im Juli 2002

ISBN-10 0739028073
ISBN-13 9780739028070

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Buch & CD

7-String Guitar

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Get ready to turn it up to "11" and go "7." Learn the styles and sounds of the most impressive rock artists to ever use seven-string guitar. This book covers the characteristics of four of the most important tunings, with related chord forms, rhythm guitar riffs, scales and licks. You'll learn the significance of each tuning and the reasons different artists use them. Plenty of usable riffs, licks, and solos emulating their styles are included. All music is written in both standard music notation and tablature. The CD contains all the music featured in the book. This is a must-have title for the modern rock guitarist who is always looking to go to that extra step.
ErschienenJuli 2002
Autor/enBy Tobias Hurwitz and Glenn Riley
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & CD
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