Acoustic Masterclass Series: David Cullen -- Jazz, Classical, and Beyond

David Cullen

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Artikelnummer 00-SAIR004
Erschienen im Februar 2004

ISBN-10 0757916902
ISBN-13 9780757916908

Instrument/e: Gitarre
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Reihe: Acoustic Masterclass

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Acoustic Masterclass Series: David Cullen -- Jazz, Classical, and Beyond

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Guitar arrangements transcribed by the artists themselves, in standard notation and tab. Each edition includes a masterclass-style CD in which the artist walks you through the key aspects and techniques for each arrangement. David Cullen, a master of many styles, has performed and recorded with Will Ackerman, Mike Manring and many others. Titles include: Bahama Beach * Blue Counterpoint * Coming Home * Cycles * Down Home * Ebb and Flow * Get on the Good Foot * Good to See You * Indigo Blue * Keep It That Way * Midari * Sunday Morning * Go Ahead and Play * Groove Etude.
ErschienenFeb 2004
Autor/enDavid Cullen
ReiheAcoustic Masterclass
Publisher GroupWARNER
ProduktformatBuch & CD
Status CodeREL