How to Play Banjo

By Morton Manus

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Artikelnummer 1891
Erschienen im Juni 1980

ISBN-10 0882842013
ISBN-13 9780882842011

Instrument/e: Banjo
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: How to Play Series

How to Play Banjo

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This is a complete five-string banjo course for the beginner that is easy and fun to play. Learn to play the basic strums, chords, banjo techniques and many folk songs. You will learn how to read music as well as tune the banjo to G, C and D tuning. There is a fingering chart to help you find notes on the first four strings in all three tunings.
ErschienenJun 1980
Autor/enBy Morton Manus
ReiheHow to Play Series
Publisher GroupALFGB
Status CodeARC