Learn to Play the Alfred Way: Baritone Uke

By Morton Manus

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Artikelnummer 00-380
Erschienen im Juni 1975

ISBN-10 0739025082
ISBN-13 9780739025086

Instrument/e: Ukulele
Produktformat: Buch

Learn to Play the Alfred Way: Baritone Uke

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Now, everything you need to know to play the baritone ukulele in one book. Start from the beginning by learning about the parts of the instrument, learn how to hold it and how to tune it. You will then learn the basics of reading music. You will learn to play using popular songs including Tom Dooley, The Streets of Laredo, When the Saints Go Marching In, The Red River Valley and many more. A dictionary of baritone ukulele chords is included.
ErschienenJun 1975
Autor/enBy Morton Manus
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeREL