Mandolin for Beginners

Joe Dalton

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Erschienen im August 2001

ISBN-10 0739010980
ISBN-13 9780739010983

Instrument/e: Mandoline
Produktformat: Book & Online Audio

Mandolin for Beginners

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This book teaches everything you need to know to get started playing the mandolin. Beginning with how to hold and tune the instrument, read tablature and do some basic strumming, you'll be guided all the way to reading music, developing tremolo technique and improvising. With pieces in styles ranging from folk and old Italian gondolier music to the blues and rock 'n' roll, this book is the start you need to go in any direction you like with your mandolin. The recording includes exercises.
ErschienenAug 2001
Autor/enJoe Dalton
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBook & Online Audio
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