Ultimate Beginner Series: Bluegrass Banjo Basics

By Dennis Caplinger

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ISBN-10 0769285449
ISBN-13 9780769285443

Instrument/e: Banjo
Produktformat: Buch & CD

Reihe: The Ultimate Beginner Series

Ultimate Beginner Series: Bluegrass Banjo Basics

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Beginning with basic left- and right-hand techniques, Dennis Caplinger guides you through developing great backup parts and playing all over the neck. You'll learn the classic Scruggs style of picking along with the "melodic style." Plus you'll study over 20 classic bluegrass standards, and you'll learn how to play them in several different styles. All books in the Ultimate Beginner Bluegrass Basics series are fully correlated to work together. This is the ideal method for the family that wants to play music together!
ErschienenDez 2003
Autor/enBy Dennis Caplinger
ReiheThe Ultimate Beginner Series
Publisher GroupWARNER
ProduktformatBuch & CD
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