Practical Studies for Tuba, Book II

By Robert W. Getchell / ed. Nilo W. Hovey

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Artikelnummer EL00775
Erschienen im März 1985

ISBN-10 0769222641
ISBN-13 9780769222646

Instrument/e: Tuba
Produktformat: Buch

Practical Studies for Tuba, Book II

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The second book of Practical Studies is designed to logically extend the techniques already presented in the First Book and also to introduce and develop new techniques and rhythms that will offer a challenge to the intermediate student. Through the use of slightly more difficult and more extended studies, it is hoped that the material included in this book may more fully develop general musicianship and more feeling for style and interpretation and thus act as a foundation for solo literature.
ErschienenMärz 1985
Autor/enBy Robert W. Getchell / ed. Nilo W. Hovey
Publisher GroupALFGB
Status CodeREL