3-D Band Book

By James D. Ployhar and George B. Zepp

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Artikelnummer EL02864
Erschienen im März 1985

ISBN-10 0769223354
ISBN-13 9780769223353

Instrument/e: Trompete
Produktformat: Buch

3-D Band Book

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The 3-D Band Book is a three-dimensional approach to rehearsal preparation. This complete tune up/warm up program will reduce rehearsal stress and permit greater accomplishment with less effort. The overall preparedness that this book provides will make every rehearsal a more rewarding and enjoyable experience. The book is divided into three parts: tune up/warm up, key preparation, and rhythm preparation. In addition, there are three pages of harmony and ear training which will provide the basic knowledge necessary for relating to the exercises and chorales found in the book.
ErschienenMärz 1985
Autor/enBy James D. Ployhar and George B. Zepp
Publisher GroupALFGB
InstrumentenfamilieB-flat Cornet (Trumpet)
Status CodeREL