66 Festive & Famous Chorales for Band

Arr. Frank Erickson

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Artikelnummer 5269
Erschienen im Oktober 1991

ISBN-10 0739001914
ISBN-13 9780739001912

Instrument/e: Klarinette
Produktformat: Buch

66 Festive & Famous Chorales for Band

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A diverse and timeless collection of 66 famous chorales arranged for concert band by Frank Erickson. The chorales are all arranged in four parts (SATB) and, in addition to full band, are playable by a wide variety of smaller groups, from quartet on up. Besides being an excellent warm-up tool, 66 Festive and Famous Chorales for Band provides a perfect opportunity to work on musicianship, phrasing, balance and intonation.
ErschienenOkt 1991
Autor/enArr. Frank Erickson
Publisher GroupALFGB
Instrumentenfamilie1st Clarinet
Status CodeREL