Band Expressions™, Book Two: Teacher Edition

Garland E. Markham | Michael Story | Richard C. Crain | Robert W. Smith | Susan L. Smith

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Artikelnummer 00-EMCB2001
Erschienen im Juli 2006

ISBN-10 0757921221
ISBN-13 9780757921230

Produktformat: Curriculum Package

Reihe: Band Expressions

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Band Expressions™, Book Two: Teacher Edition

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Band Expressions™ is a full-band curriculum that provides music educators at all levels with easy-to-use, exciting tools to meet daily classroom challenges and bring new vibrancy and depth to teaching music. The lessons were written based on the National Standards for Music Education -- not retrofitted to the Standards. The program is both music literacy-based and literacy driven -- based on music literacy while satisfying reading and writing mandates in band class. The Teacher Curriculum Package for Book Two includes Teacher Edition Books Volumes I-IV, Teacher Resource Guide Book, Teacher Lesson and Listening Library CDs (8 Lesson CDs), Teacher Support Pack, which includes Worksheets #1-#71 (100 total), Transparencies #1-#36, Band Progress Record Book Two (BPR2), and 11 full band pieces arranged by Michael Story and Robert W. Smith. This title is available in SmartMusic.
• Batman Theme
• Happy Birthday to You
• Matchmaker
• Over the Rainbow (from "The Wizard of Oz")
• The Hey Song
• The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
• Theme from Ice Castles
• We're Off to See the Wizard (from "The Wizard of Oz")
ErschienenJuli 2006
Autor/enGarland E. Markham | Michael Story | Richard C. Crain | Robert W. Smith | Susan L. Smith
Arrangeur/eJames Campbell | Linda J. Gammon
ReiheBand Expressions
Publisher GroupWARNER
ProduktformatCurriculum Package
SchwierigkeitsgradLevel 2
Status CodeS/I