Alfred's Teach Yourself to Sing

Karen Farnum Surmani

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Erschienen im September 2015

ISBN-10 1470629720
ISBN-13 9781470629724

Instrument/e: Gesang
Produktformat: Book & Online Media

Reihe: Teach Yourself Series

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Alfred's Teach Yourself to Sing

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Learn to sing and open up a brand new world of musical knowledge with this exciting method from Alfred Music. Beginning with the fundamentals, you will learn about equipment used by singers, vocal health, and getting acquainted with reading music. You will then move right along to breathing, vocalizing, proper warm-ups, and singing songs, lesson by lesson, all while continuing to increase your knowledge of reading and understanding music. You will learn to sing an array of musical styles including pop, jazz, classical, and musical theater. Near the end of the book, you will be introduced to the idea of individual interpretation, which will help you color your songs with your own unique style. The book features a chord and scale chart for reference during and after your lessons. The online media includes instructional video and TNT 2 software with audio accompaniments that let you adjust the audio levels, transpose accompaniments to any key, and adjust playback tempo. * For beginners with no prior musical training. * Learn to sing with a live band or group in any style. * Discover your own natural sound. * Covers breathing, posture, warming up, and more. * An easy and comprehensive approach to reading music. * Pop, jazz, classical, and musical theater styles covered. * Includes tips on performing like how to overcome nervousness and mind/body connections to singing. Titles: Are You Lonesome Tonight? * Dream a Little Dream of Me * Fly Me to the Moon * For All We Know * This Land is Your Land * Those Were the Days * Turn! Turn! Turn! * Where Is Love? * and more.
• A Few Last Words
• About the Recording
• Acknowledgments
• All Night, All Day
• All Through the Night
• Amazing Grace
• Are You Lonesome Tonight?
• Auld Lang Syne
• Aura Lee
• Breathing
• Bye 'm Bye
• Careless Love
• Choosing New Music
• Chord and Scale Charts
• Classical Style
• Deck the Halls
• Down in the Valley
• Dream a Little Dream of Me
• Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
• Dynamics
• Energy
• Equipment
• Fear of Flying--or--Approaching "Higher" Pitches
• Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
• Fly Me to the Moon
• For All We Know
• Get on Board
• Give My Regards to Broadway
• Go, Tell It on the Mountain
• Greensleeves
• Home on the Range
• How to Read Music
• Interpretive Exercises
• Jazz
• Karaoke
• Kum Bah Yah
• Learning Songs
• Legato and Staccato
• Long Time Ago
• Matching Pitches
• Merrily We Roll Along
• Mini Music Lesson: Cut Time
• Mini Music Lesson: DC al Fine
• Mini Music Lesson: Incomplete Measures
• Mini Music Lesson: Note-Reading Exercises
• Mini Music Lesson: Repeat Signs
• Mini Music Lesson: Ritardando, Poco rit, A tempo
• Mini Music Lesson: The Fermata
• More Breathing Strategies
• Musical Expression
• Musical Styles
• Musical Theater
• Now Is the Month of Maying
• Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening
• Phrasing
• Physical Exercises
• Popular Music
• Practicing
• Putting It Together
• Red River Valley
• Scarborough Fair
• Shenandoah
• Simple Gifts
• Singing for Joy
• Singing Posture
• Singing Vowels and Consonants
• Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
• Taking the Stage
• The Ash Grove
• The Band Played On
• The Jaw
• The Riddle Song
• The Symbols for Rhythm
• The Tongue
• The Water Is Wide
• This Land Is Your Land
• Those Were the Days
• Turn! Turn! Turn!
• Using a Microphone
• Vocal Health
• Vocal Resonance
• Vocal Space
• Vocalizing
• Vowels
• Warming Up the Voice
• Water Come-A Me Eye
• Where Is Love?
• Who Should Use This Book
• You Made Me Love You
ErschienenSep 2015
Autor/enKaren Farnum Surmani
ReiheTeach Yourself Series
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBook & Online Media
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