The St. Louis Blues and Other Song Hits of 1914

By Sandy Marrone

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Artikelnummer 06-263835
Erschienen im Juni 1990

ISBN-10 0486263835
ISBN-13 9780486263830

Instrument/e: Gesang
Reihe: Dover Edition

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The St. Louis Blues and Other Song Hits of 1914

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This wonderful collection of songs proves emphatically what a vital enterprise the song publishers of Tin Pan Alley had built by the year 1914, a year in which hundreds of songs were published, many of them popular hits we still sing, play and enjoy today. In addition to such hits as "The St. Louis Blues," "They Didn't Believe Me," and "Play a Simple Melody," this charming volume contains the original sheet music cover for each song.
ErschienenJun 1990
Autor/enBy Sandy Marrone
ReiheDover Edition
Publisher GroupDOVER
Status CodeS/I