Tune Your Voice

By Darlene Koldenhoven

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Artikelnummer 00-28397
Erschienen im Oktober 2007

ISBN-10 0978956249
ISBN-13 9780978956240

Instrument/e: Gesang
Produktformat: Buch & 7 CDs

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Tune Your Voice

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Tune Your Voice is the essential, comprehensive resource for vocalists of all ability levels. Learn correct vocal techniques and strengthen your confidence with this course that includes five teaching CDs, one listening CD and one singing CD. The course is packed with examples for high and low voices and is perfect for private study, classroom or home-school use. Though it is ideal for ages 12 and up, it includes suggestions for use with children and toddlers. Experience this comprehensive vocal method today!
ErschienenOkt 2007
Autor/enBy Darlene Koldenhoven
ArrangementLow Voice
Publisher GroupALFRED
ProduktformatBuch & 7 CDs
Status CodeS/I