World's Greatest Gospel Songs for Piano & Voice

Arranged by Jerry Ray

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Erschienen im Juni 2003

ISBN-10 0739031171
ISBN-13 9780739031179

Instrument/e: Klavier
Produktformat: Buch

Reihe: World's Greatest

World's Greatest Gospel Songs for Piano & Voice

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World's Greatest Gospel Songs contains some of the most uplifting, powerful and emotionally charged songs of all time. Each piece has been carefully arranged with a very accessible approach and features: a vocal line for solo or group singing; an appropriately selected key to accommodate a comfortable vocal range; up to three verses of lyrics; first and second endings with a "turnaround" plus a final ending; guitar chords; dynamics; a piano accompaniment that is complete in itself for solo performance.
ErschienenJun 2003
Autor/enArranged by Jerry Ray
ReiheWorld's Greatest
GenreGospel; Sacred
Publisher GroupALFRED
Status CodeRPG